You must not have read this truth of the Mughals in any book, click here to know


You must have read a lot of books about the Mughals till date. Many books have been made over history and many truths have been revealed in these books. Talk about Aurangzeb as a great ruler and a killer. Similarly, Akbar is said to have converted to Islam when he was old. Today we are going to tell you about the truth of such Mughals, which you will not be familiar with till today. Let us know about such a truth.

The king used to have hundreds of queens

Mughal rulers can have multiple wives at once. It is not considered a crime because they follow the religion of Islam. Despite having hundreds of wives together, this was not considered a crime. The king lived with a different wife every day.

Anarkali is not true, just a fantasy

You may find this to be false, but Jahangir had never fallen in love with an Anarkali. This is just one story that was created to build the image of the Mughal Empire.

Aurangzeb was the cruelest ruler

Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb had killed his own 3 brothers and had himself become the king there. Aurangzeb is considered as the cruelest ruler of the Mughal period. He also had his father imprisoned. During his rule, he also banned music.

Humayun was intoxicated

Humayun, son of Mughal ruler Babur, was addicted to opium and alcohol. Not only this, due to this bad addiction, he also lost the battle to Sher Shah Suri.

Jahangir got Akbar murdered

Jahangir killed his father Akbar by poisoning him due to discord. He got his father killed only by the greed of power.

In the Mughal period, the Mughals ruled India for years and looted India. Never been called a golden bird, looted India completely and went away from here. Akbar is remembered as a great warrior in the Mughal period.