Yoga for Diabetes: Kurmasan is a boon for the patients of diabetes, the way to know


In modern times, staying healthy is a challenge. Many diseases are born due to poor routines, wrong eating, and stress. People are especially worried about diabetes and obesity. Diabetes increases blood sugar levels. Also, the release of insulin hormone from the pancreas stops. In diabetes, sweet food is prohibited. This requires special attention to diet along with lifestyle. With them, you can stay away from diseases. For this, you can also use yoga. There are many types of yoga. These include a KurmasnIs, which not only removes mental but also physical disorders. This keeps the blood sugar under level control. If you are also a patient of diabetes and want to control your blood sugar level, then do Kurmasana daily. Let us know what Kurmasana is and how to do it-

What is kurmasan

Kurmasana is made up of two words Kurma and Asana. It literally means sitting in a turtle pose. By doing this yoga, you get relief from diabetes. The digestive system is strong and insomnia complaints are also removed.

How to do kurmasana

For this, lay a carpet on flat land. Now sit with your legs spread out facing the sun. For this, you can take the help of the picture attached in the article. Now keep your palms under the feet and lean forward. Bend according to your physical ability. After this, stay in this pose for a few moments. After this, come back to the first stage. Do this Yogasan at least ten times daily.

Benefits of kurmasan

According to research by, there are many advantages to performing kurmasana . By doing this yoga, immune organs work properly. It proves beneficial for diabetic patients. Whereas, this causes a stretch in the muscles of the body. While blood circulation occurs smoothly. Also relieves insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can do it before sleeping.

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