Year Ender 2019: These are the top 'Emojis' of the year 2019, every tweet that made fun


Today people do not need words to show love, anger, attachment towards each other. His work has been made very easy by the emojis trending on social media. Today, through emoji, every person expresses their anger, love, and affection very easily. There is no need to write or speak on paper to convey your feelings to others.

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A smart emoji transmits your sensations to the other person exactly as you wish to express them. With different types of emojis appearing on social media, everyone can express everything from their busyness to laughter, joy, and sadness. In such a situation, let us know about the top emojis of the year 2019, which were liked by the people this year and due to which every tweet made this year is really fun.

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Tech company Bobal AI shared a report that described 'Khushi ki Tear' and 'Blowing a Kiss' emojis as top emojis used in smartphone conversions in India.

If you want to know about the top 10 emojis, then tell us that they include emoji-like Smiling Face with Heart Eyes, Kiss Mark, OK Hand, Loudly Crying Face, Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes, Thums Up, Folded Hands and Smiling Face with Sunglasses. Are included.