World's largest cave, inside which many 40-storey buildings can be built


There are many types of caves in the world and each one has its own specialty. But do you know which is the largest cave in the world and where it is located? This cave is so big, in which many buildings can be built, that too up to 40 storeys. Actually, the name of this cave is 'Son Dong', which is located in the forests of Central Vietnam.

The Son Dong Cave has a total length of 9 kilometers and consists of about 150 different caves. The cave has everything from trees to plants to forests, clouds, and rivers. This cave, which was millions of years old, was opened to tourists for the first time in 2013. You will be surprised to know that only 250-300 people are allowed to go here every year.

This cave was discovered in 1991 by a local man named 'Ho Khanah', but at that time no one could muster the courage to go inside due to the fierce roaring of water and the darkness in the cave.

The cave was recognized internationally in 2009 when a British Research Association first showed the world a glimpse of this cave. Later in 2010, scientists traced a 200-meter-high wall, also known as the 'Vietnam Wall', to find its way inside the cave.

Every year, tourists visit the cave before August and return again, because after this the water level of the river inside the cave rises. The per-person ticket to go inside the cave is about two lakh rupees.

The first six months of training are given to the tourists visiting the cave. They are taught to walk at least 10 km and rock climbing six times. Only then are they taken to the cave.