World Rivers Day 2020: Send messages to your loved ones on World River Day, tell the importance of rivers


It is not possible to imagine life on earth without rivers. If there are rivers, there is life. 71 percent of the earth is water, but 97.3 percent of water is not potable. The remaining 2.7 percent of the water we get from rivers, lakes, ponds. World River Day was started to celebrate the importance of rivers. Every year on the last Sunday of September, World River Day is celebrated. It started in the year 2005. This time it is on 27 September. On this occasion, you can also share a message to your loved ones about the importance of rivers.

God created rivers to give human life. If there are rivers, there is life on earth. We have to preserve them.

World River Day reminds us that it is up to us to save the rivers. We should not pollute it and should bear our responsibility towards its protection.

Rivers are also our present and they are also our future. Due to the polluting of rivers, not only aquatic organisms but also our lives may be in danger. Let us together take steps towards preserving the rivers.

Rivers are like our lifeline. Rivers give us life. Without them, human life cannot be imagined. Therefore rivers should be protected.

Even the vast ocean cannot meet the needs that a river can. Rivers need to be protected from pollution and conserved for a better life.

It is known that not only India but also Britain, Canada, the USA, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, many programs are organized to protect the rivers. However, programs are being affected in the Corona epidemic period. In India, rivers have been given divine importance since time immemorial. Chhath Mahaparva celebrated on the banks of holy rivers in Purvanchal is famous worldwide.