World Diabetes Day 2020: These 5 Winter Foods Must Include In Diet for Diabetes Control


There is no doubt that diabetes has become one of the most prevalent medical conditions worldwide. Every year 14 November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day to spread awareness about this growing challenge in the world of health and nutrition. Control of this disease can be achieved to a great extent by making people aware and providing information about food. Blood sugar levels can be managed by slightly altering diet and lifestyle. Let us learn from Max Hospital's Chief Diabetes Educator Shubha Bhanot that you can control diabetes disease by including things in your diet during the winter season.


Rich in many nutrients, carrots are primarily a winter vegetable that contains low amounts of carbs with a low glycemic index. Diabetic patients are recommended foods that have low GI values. Therefore, control of diseases like diabetes can be found by eating carrots. Carrots contain only 41 calories and diabetics are advised to consume very few calories in food. Carrots keep weight under control and also reduce the risk of diabetes. Carrots can be used as a salad.


All citrus fruits, including oranges, are often referred to as superfoods by experts. Diabetes control can be achieved with salads with a low glycemic index or home-grown orange juice. To avoid diabetes, include it in your diet. Vitamin C present in oranges makes it beneficial for health and also strengthens the immune system.


Guava is found in abundance in vitamin A, folate, and potassium. Guava has a low glycaemic index ie GI which helps in controlling blood sugar. Even guava leaves help to manage diabetes and keep intestinal health. Elements like high fiber present in guava inhibit blood sugar. Guava also has a low glycemic index. Therefore, to control diabetes, guava must be included in the diet.


A rich source of fiber that takes longer to digest, spinach is a non-starchy vegetable and also has a low glycemic index. Apart from this, spinach is found in very small amounts of carbohydrates and due to its low carbohydrate, it is beneficial for diabetes patients. Carbohydrate-rich foods increase blood sugar levels, so diabetes can be controlled by consuming spinach regularly.


Many studies have claimed that beet is beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes. Due to the sweet taste of beetroot, people feel that it is harmful to diabetic patients while reducing the risk of diabetes. Beetroot is a rich source of fiber, minerals, potassium, iron, and manganese. Because of these elements, it is beneficial for patients with diabetes. It can be taken as a salad.

These foods, easily found in winters, are beneficial for many diseases. Especially for diabetes control, it is very important to consume these foods.

Image Credit: freepik