World Chocolate Day 2021: Know 5 benefits of eating chocolate on World Chocolate Day!


Today on 7th July, World Chocolate Day is being celebrated all over the world. Celebrating this day may have started in Europe in 1550, but today this day is celebrated in every corner of the world. And even if there is a celebration, after all, chocolate is everyone's favorite.

This year due to the Corona epidemic, the celebration of this day may not be seen in public places, but you can also celebrate it with family by staying at home. Today, on this special occasion, we are telling you, 5 benefits of eating chocolate.

1. Chocolate also improves mood- So far it has been proved in much research that eating chocolate increases self-satisfaction. It proves to be beneficial for mental health, due to which the mood also remains good.

2. Will reduce stress- Chocolate contains oxidative, which is considered very beneficial for reducing stress. Helpful in reducing weight- It was seen in research that if chocolate is consumed regularly, then it can keep the body mass index right.4. Gives strength to the heart- A research done some time ago has shown that dark chocolate contains polyphenols, which work to strengthen your heart.

5. Control of Cholesterol- The polyphenols found in dark chocolate increase HDL ie good cholesterol in the body, which benefits in reducing LDL ie bad cholesterol.

Disclaimer: The tips and tricks given in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Chocolate has both advantages and disadvantages, so if you are suffering from any disease, be sure to consult your doctor or dietician before consuming it.