Wonderful: this bank of China will give 56 thousand rupees to sperm donors, just some conditions have to be fulfilled


You must have seen the 2012 Bollywood film Vicky Donor. In this film, Ayushman Khurana donates sperm (semen) and works to bring happiness in the lives of the couples who are yearning to have children. The demand for good quality sperm donors has also increased these days in China. A sperm donor bank here has appealed to people to come forward and donate sperm through social media. Not only this, but good money will also be given to donors who donate sperm of good quality.

Actually, the Zhejiang Human Sperm Bank of China has been continuously appealing to people to donate sperm for the past few months. For this, the bank is also resorting to various types of advertising. Sperm Bank wrote in a post on social media that 'we hope from your goodness, your dedication is helpful for the future. We invite you to do public service and donate your sperm. '

Zhejiang Human Sperm Bank had earlier written in a post that 'donating sperm is equivalent to donating blood. It is a work done for humanity, which explains life in a new way. We will give you 5,000 yuan (56,053 rupees) to find a good quality sperm in the city, so what are you waiting for? '

However, on the social media advertisements made by Sperm Bank, people enjoyed a lot of interesting comments. One user commented on the sperm bank's post, wrote, 'If I donate so much sperm, my children will travel around the country so much that I will not even know about them.' Another user wrote that 'I can see less than my eyes and I am old. I sincerely hope that I will not be able to qualify for this. '

According to the official website of the Zhejiang Human Sperm Bank, the person donating the sperm must be between 20 and 40 years old. Along with this, the length of the person is 1.65 m (5.4 ft) and a post-secondary degree is also necessary for studies.

Let us know that the situation of a sperm bank is not going well in China at this time. Speaking to a local newspaper, Sheng Huikiang, director of Zhejiang Human Sperm Bank, said that Sperm Bank has been facing a huge shortage for the last few years. Although many people contact the bank to donate sperm, very few people are able to qualify for it.

There are very strict rules about donating sperm in China. Sheng Huiqiang said that out of about 1500 donors, only 400 people are able to qualify. The sperm quality of people is deteriorating due to late-night waking, irregular routine, smoking, alcohol consumption.