Wonderful: the company has to pay a huge amount of money to get the pregnant woman out of the job, has to pay 14 lakh rupees


In Britain, a woman was fired from the company simply because she became pregnant. After this, when this woman reached the court against the company, the court ordered the woman to pay 14 thousand pounds i.e. about 14 and a half lakh rupees. Let me tell you that this incident has come out from the city of Cantt, UK.

Yulia Kimicheva worked as a magazine finisher at a company called 'Key Promotions Limited'. This company handles the packing of books and magazines. Yuliya Kimicheva tells her manager Caroline Edwards that she is pregnant and will have to take a break from the office for some time.

However, Yulia's manager Carolyn said, "I am very busy at the moment and you have taken vacations earlier due to being pregnant." A few days later, Caroline announced the dismissal of Yulia via email. Caroline also said in the letter that Yulia's work was very average and her office attendance was also reduced. Because of this, the company has decided to remove Yuliya Kimicheva.

In a court statement against the Yulia Kimicheva company, saying that I was unable to work due to being pregnant, but to this Caroline said that we are not a charity institution that gives salary without work and gives us the basis of work performance But people have the right to keep or withdraw.

While speaking on the case in court, the employment judge said that Caroline was aware of Yulia Kimicheva's pregnancy. But the way the company has taken out Yulia is quite unfair and in this case, the court orders that the company should pay 14 thousand pounds (about 14 lakh 50 thousand rupees) to the woman.