Wonderful: Know about the country where eggs will be available for free after applying the Corona vaccine.


The coronavirus epidemic started in China. Many other countries of the world including India are still struggling with this epidemic. But China has already overcome the disease. Right now a different type of problem has arisen in China. People in this country are reluctant to get Kovid-19 vaccinated. In such a situation, the Chinese government is offering many attractive offers to get people vaccinated.

To accelerate the vaccination campaign, the Chinese government has decided to give several incentives. This includes schemes such as free eggs, discounts on ration items, and store coupons. China is now vaccinating its citizens to millions of people a day after a slow start due to breathtaking offers. According to the data, as of March 26, 61 lakh people were vaccinated in China.

According to the report, a target has been set to vaccinate 56 million people in China by June. The offer that the government is offering to get the vaccine is also being publicized. Along with this, a temple in Beijing has offered free entry to every person who gives proof of vaccination.

Let us know that in many cities of China, free eggs are also offered. One ad stated, "Good news, from today those who are 60 years and above have received their first dose of vaccine, they are eligible to receive 5 gin or two and a half kilos of eggs."

China now wants to open its borders to the world by creating the same conditions as before the epidemic. Beijing is scheduled to host next year's Winter Olympics. In such a situation, there is pressure on China to restore normalcy in many countries of the world.

Let the experts of China believe that people are now feeling safe. Therefore, they are not enthusiastic about getting vaccinated. However, the Chinese government is taking necessary steps to strengthen the vaccination campaign day by day.