Wonderful: During the wedding, the bride asked the groom Multiplication table of 2, the wedding broke after not telling


There is a lot of curiosity inside any person about marriage and everyone wishes that there is no shortage in his partner. The marriage breaks down due to a lack of trust in the partner. A similar case has emerged from the Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a procession returned without marrying because the groom did not know the answer to the bride's questions. Let's know the whole matter ...

According to reports, the incident is from the Panwadi police station area in Mahoba district. The wedding procession reached here and the program of Varmala started. During this time, the bride somehow came to know that the groom was not educated. To check this thing, the bride asked the groom a multiplication table of 2 on the stage of Varmala. When the groom could not read the table of two, the bride refused the marriage.

The talk of the bride refusing to marry the bridegroom went through the process and they started an uproar. Even after celebrating for a long time, when the bride did not agree to the wedding, both parties decided to cancel the marriage. But this matter reached the Panwadi police station. Police signed a reconciliation agreement from both the boy and girl sides to end the dispute.

During the reconciliation, the boy side paid 4 lakh rupees for the expenses incurred on food and other things. With this, both sides also returned the similarities given to each other.

According to the Panwadi police station, disputes on both sides were resolved through reconciliation. Please tell that in the reconciliation between the two sides, it was also written that the two sides will not take any legal action against each other.