Women want something like this from men in the bedroom


What women want from a man while making sex relations has always been a matter of research. Much has been written on this earlier. Results of the latest research have emerged on this issue. More than 700 women have expressed their views openly in addition to the topics of sex-related topics. What women want from men in bed, know the secret ...

About 42 percent of the women surveyed accepted this. Women feel the love of men in many ways, most of which draw attention to the 'mischief' done through your mouth. To show love in the eyes, to move the lips on sensitive organs, to touch the body in any other way is pleasing to women.

The women surveyed admitted that the excitement during the foreplay is of a different kind. Women said that men should be a little 'creative' in terms of sex. It is very pleasing to women to do something new and completely different.

Research has found that men, as well as women, believe that they like sex more than condoms. But women also believed that they are more relaxed when condoms are used during sexual intercourse.

All women want their very soft organs should not be given much trouble in the initial stages. Women want men to be sensitive to their sensory organs.

It is very important to take care of the position while making sex relations. If the lower part of the woman is intercourse by raising it a little more with the help of two-three pillows, then it makes the connection properly. The situation is also better when the woman comes on top of the lying man and has sexual intercourse. This makes women feel more excitement in those organs. Another position women and men like is the 'Doggy Style'


Only one in five women surveyed admitted that they reached orgasm only through normal sexual intercourse. Most of the young women believed that they wanted their partners to use their hands and mouth more during sex.