Women Robot: A machine that loves humans, it changes its gestures when needed


A US company called Real Doll is very famous for making very real women robots. The company shared a picture of a female robot on Instagram, which shocked many followers after seeing it. Because this robot looks exactly like a real woman and its gestures are like humans. The company has named this robot 'Olivia'.

Looking at the pictures of Olivia on Instagram, many fans felt that the real doll company has shared a photo of a woman, which is quite emotional. But when the followers came to know the truth about Olivia, they were stunned. Let us know that the real doll company prepares its robots with the help of artificial intelligence software X-mode.

Posting on its website, the company has written that we use a modular head system in these dolls along with the presence of the best AI software like X mode.

According to the company, due to this modular head system, these dolls can change their gestures and shake their head too. Not only this, but these dolls can also talk about human beings. You will be surprised to know that the robots of Real Doll Company can roll their eyes and even blink the eyelids. The company claims that earlier such a feature was not available in any other robot.

Explain that the AI ​​software X-mode is a highly advanced software and with the help of this software, Real Doll Company designs its robots. The unique personality of these robots can also be made and voice can also be controlled.

The Real Doll Company has produced three variations of Olivia so far. Explain that the company designs the head, body, and makeup style according to the demand of its customer. The company says that they do not compromise the creativity of their customers at all. Through Artificial Intelligence, these robots can fulfill many desires of customers.