Women of this country are doing this work to hide stretch marks and dark circles, will be shocked to know


Who likes the dark circles around the eyes? Women try a lot to get rid of them. From expensive creams to home remedies. But many times, all these measures do not yield any significant results. Brazilian women have found a unique way to get rid of this problem of dark circles. Which will definitely surprise you.

Girls go through a painful technique to enhance beauty. In such a situation, Brazilian women have started tattooing to remove dark circles under the eyes. These women are getting tattoos that match the skin tone around the eyes. So that no one knows about black circles. The tattooing technique was adopted by Brazilian famous tattoo artist Rodolfo Torridge to remove dark circles around the eyes. He fills the colored ink on the edges of his clients' eyes with the help of a tattoo gun. Due to which the dark circles are hidden and there are no spots and wrinkles.

Stretch marks are also a unique way to cover

Earlier, Rodolfo has also made headlines due to the technique covering the stretch marks. After the birth of the child, and many times the men have the problem of stretch marks in different parts of the body due to the weight loss. is. Which seems almost impossible to finish. But with the help of the tattoo, Rodolf disappears it as well.

With the help of the Rodolf Airgun, the stretch marks are filled with ink with the ink matching the skin tone of the customer. With this, the stretch marks blend into the skin color. And do not know.