Women have the most desire for sex at this time, they are very excited


Recently a surprising thing has emerged in the survey on sex. Yes, it has been revealed in this survey that women and men are sexually active at different times. Yes, if you think that you and your partner have less sex and do not know the reason, then it can also be the reason. Yes, a recent survey of a sex toy company has revealed that men and women feel horny at different times of the day, which may be the reason for not having more sex between them. is. So let us tell you at what time do women and at what time do men feel the horniest.

In a recent Sex Toy Company survey, 2300 adults took part and around 70% of women reported that their and their partner's sex drive did not match as both are excited at different times. Yes, in this survey, men said that they want to start their day by having sex between 6 to 9 am and with this, women said that they have a desire to have sex between 11 and 2 pm. In this way, it was found that men are most excited at 7.54 am and women are most excited at 11.21 pm.

In such a situation, it is said that this is due to different hormonal cycles of men and women. According to the survey, the testosterone level of men in the morning is high, while the sex hormones of women continue to increase by the day, but in women it also depends on the menstrual cycle, their sex hormone rises the most during ovulation, but Your sex life should not be killed due to different schedules. Experts say about this, women are flexible while men's desire is directly based on time and many more factors affect the sex drive of women besides time.