With this 2 rupee coin, you can easily earn 5 lakhs, learn the easy way


Many people are fond of collecting rare and rare coins. But if you luckily have this two rupee coin, you can easily stand a chance of winning Rs 5 lakh, as advertised in the Quikr show.

Many buyers on the Bangalore-based website are showing interest in paying large sums of money in exchange for old coins.

This two rupee coin was made in 1994 and it has an Indian flag on one side and its value on the Quikr website is said to be Rs 5 lakh. At the same time, the value of one rupee coin is two lakh rupees.

Whereas the other rupee coin which was minted in 1918 is said to be worth Rs 9 lakh.

If you have these rare coins, you can also earn money. There is a website named Coinbazzar which provides a platform to buyers to sell old notes and with the help of that platform, you can earn up to 25000 by selling 10 rupee notes.