Winter Wedding: Make Haldi ceremonies special with this beautiful floral jewellery


Jewellery enhances the beauty of any girl. When it comes to marriage, it is very important to enhance the beauty of different types of jewellery in every wedding ceremony. Especially when the jewellery is made of fresh, fragrant and natural flowers, then what is the matter. Jewellery made of flowers can enhance the look of any bride. Especially if it is a ritual of Haldi, then floral jewellery looks more beautiful. Let us give you some ideas of floral jewellery that you can also carry in your Haldi ceremony and become a gorgeous bride.

1. Pink and white floral jewellery

This beautiful pink and white floral jewellery can give a perfect look to your Haldi Ceremony. Floral jewellery of beautiful and fresh flowers is enough to add four moons to the bride's makeup, in Haldi ceremony. Actress Kajal Aggarwal also wore this beautiful jewellery in her wedding Haldi ceremonies, which was making her look very special. You must also try this jewellery in your turmeric ceremony.

2. Tiara made of flowers

When it comes to the beautiful look in wedding ceremonies, then who would not like to wear Tiara. This beautiful floral jewellery of Bipasha Basu can also add four moons to your Haldi ceremony. What are you waiting for; get ready to look beautiful in your wedding with this jewellery made of natural flowers?

3. Rose and Jasmine flower Jewellery

This combination of beautiful red and white flowers is enough to make your Haldi ceremony glow. If you are thinking of trying something new and beautiful in Haldi ceremony, then definitely try this floral jewellery of actress Sana Khan.

4. Multi-colour Floral Jewellery

This jewellery of flowers of many colours prepared from natural flowers can make your look gorgeous. Especially Floral Mang Tika can increase the beauty of any bride by leaps and bounds. You must also try this jewellery in your Haldi ceremonies.

5. Pink floral Jewellery

If you want to get a gorgeous look with less jewellery in the Haldi ceremony, then Neha Kakkar's jewellery made of pink flowers can be tried. This beautiful Mang Tika will not only give you a stylish look with any of your outfits, you can also become a style icon among everyone with this jewellery.

6. Gauhar Khan's Floral Jewellery

To maintain beauty in Haldi ceremonies, you can try this beautiful floral jewellery of Gauhar Khan. This jewellery will look beautiful with any colour outfit. Especially you can carry it with Yellow Outfit. Gauhar Khan also carried this jewellery in her Haldi ceremonies and she looked very beautiful in this look.

7. Yellow Color Floral Jewellery

In turmeric ceremonies, if everything is of turmeric colour, ie yellow colour, then what is the matter? This beautiful jewellery made of yellow coloured flowers can give you a very beautiful look in your Haldi Ceremony. Yellow flowers have been used in abundance in it, giving a more beautiful look to this jewellery.

8. White and Red Floral Jewellery

This jewelry prepared by mixing white and red flowers will suit your outfit perfectly. Its white jasmine necklace made of flowers is adding to its beauty, which will also enhance the beauty of the bride. Especially the red rose in the demand vaccine is making it more beautiful. You must also try this floral jewellery in your Haldi ceremonies.