Win girl's heart from these 90s dating tips, will work


It is not so easy to impress girls, if you do something different then only they are attracted towards you. Dating is a trend of the new age, but if the temper of the nineties is put into it, it can become very special. There is no need to do much for this, just you have to change the way of your express-a-love, make it interesting. Doing this can easily become your thing.

Write a letter

If you want to attract the attention of the person in front of online dating, then instead of sending messages on WhatsApp, etc., write a letter or write your heart on the card. By doing this you can easily make the girl feel special. The girl will understand that you have only worked hard for her in this way and very soon you will see results.

Dedicate song

In the nineties movies, you must have seen how the hero used to dedicate his heroine to a love song and the heroine would become very happy. Who does not like to sing a song for him or dedicate the words of a beautiful song to someone? You can also dedicate a song of the girl's favorite singer. It will make him feel even more special.

Street food should be the date

Girls like gol-gupe, ice cream, etc. Therefore, it is not necessary to always take the restaurant to the cafe only. Many times girls like these little things very much. In the 90s, hero-heroines used to go on similar dates and how happy they were, so you should also do such experiments. During this time, feed round-gappa, etc. with your hand, it will become even more special.

Take care of friends too

Friends used to be very important in the nineties. So don't mess with girlfriends because these people can spoil your relationship anytime. Therefore, respect the wishes of friends with the girl. Laughter- Take care of the joke. Take special care of the language especially in front of friends. The wrong language can affect your relationship in a very different way so be very careful.