Will you be able to choose the Corona vaccine of your choice? Know what the government has to say on this


India is now fully prepared to beat the coronavirus, and from January 16, the world's largest vaccination campaign will run in the country. For this, the Central Government to the Ministry of Health has completed its preparations. Corona vaccine is being sent to every corner of the country so that there is no delay in the vaccination campaign. At the same time, if this question is going on in your mind, will we have the freedom to choose our favorite corona vaccine? So on this, some indications were given by the government on Tuesday. So let's know about this.

Actually, everyone has the absolute right to choose the things of his mind. In such a situation, the question is also circulating in the minds of the people that will they be able to get their own vaccine? Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan gave information about this in the press conference. He said about choosing the vaccine of his mind, 'More than one vaccine of corona vaccine is being used in many places in the world, but currently, in no country did the vaccinees get the opportunity to choose their choice. Is going. Therefore we request people to follow proper behavior in relation to Kovid-19. '

Secretary Rajesh Bhushan also informed about the gap between the two doses of the Corona vaccine. Talking about this, he said that, the second dose of Corona vaccine will be given at an interval of 28 days and its effect will start showing after 14 days. He also informed that 54.72 lakh doses of the Corona vaccine have been delivered to the scheduled national and state-level storage centers by Tuesday afternoon.

He further said that from Saturday, the Corona vaccination campaign will start in the country. At the same time, 1.1 crores from Serum Institute of India and 55 million doses from Bharat Biotech will be available till 14 January. In the first phase, about three crore people will be vaccinated, including our health workers (doctors, nurses, etc.) and Corona warriors (police, central security force, etc.). The entire Corona vaccination mission will be completed through the Kovin app.

In such a situation, a hint has been given by the government that at present people will not have the freedom to choose the vaccine of their choice. However, apart from the free vaccines being provided by the government, when vaccines are available in the market, then you will definitely be able to buy your own vaccine. At the moment, the good news is that the moment the country was eagerly waiting for is going to start from January 16 and everyone's eyes are on this vaccination campaign of India.