Will everyone have to get the Corona vaccine? Know what is the government's answer on this


The coronavirus epidemic has kept everyone in trouble for a long time. In such a situation, people are using things like masks, sanitizers to protect themselves, but everyone knows that if they really want to protect themselves from the coronavirus epidemic, then it will require a vaccine. But people are also facing many questions regarding the vaccine, one of which is whether everyone will have to get the corona vaccine. The answer to this question has now come from the government itself. So let us tell you whether everyone will have to get this vaccine or not.

In fact, the Indian Ministry of Health answered many questions related to the corona vaccine, which almost everyone was waiting for. One of the questions was whether corona vaccination (the whole process of vaccine application) would be necessary for everyone or not? On this, it was said on behalf of the Ministry that no, it will be on a voluntary basis i.e. whether or not to get the Corona vaccine or not, every person can take the decision himself and there is no pressure of any kind on this by the government. Will happen. However, it was definitely advised that if the coronavirus is to be killed, then follow the full course of its vaccine. This will keep you healthy as well as the people of your family and all the people you meet.

Apart from this, many questions were answered by the government. There was a question of whether the corona vaccine would be safe? On this, the Health Ministry said that to keep the vaccine safe for all people, the Drug Controller Association will approve the Kovid vaccine only when it meets all standards of safety and effectiveness. The Ministry has also responded to the question of whether people who have been cured of the Coronavirus also need to get vaccinated? It was answered that yes, whether you have been infected with Corona before or not, you are advised to get the vaccine. So that your immune system can be strengthened against this Kovid virus. It was also clarified by the Ministry that anyone who wants to get vaccinated will be required to register with the Health Department because only after that they will be told which place and when to go for vaccination.

The entire process of vaccination was also told by the Ministry. According to the presence of the corona vaccine and according to the priority, people will be given the vaccine. After this, there will be online registration of the priority people and they will be given information on their registered mobile number when and where they have to go and get the vaccine. After this, you will have to go to the center with a mask, it will be mandatory to sanitize the hands and make a distance of two yards.

At the same time, when you get the vaccine, then SMS will come on your mobile that you have been vaccinated. Also, when you get all the doses of the vaccine, then a certification made of a QR code will be sent to your mobile. To get the vaccine, you will get a voter ID card, PAN card, passport, driving license pension document, MGNREGA job card, ID card to government employees, post office or bank passbook, official ID to MPs, MLAs, Members of Legislative Council. A health insurance smart card issued by the card and labor ministry will be required. If you have any of these ID proofs, then you can get the vaccine.