Why there is no pain on cutting nails and hairs, check out the reason for it


There are some parts of our body that are highly sensitive, which cause a slight bit of pain in the body, but you may know that there is no pain in this part of your body often. Yes, we are talking about nails and hair which is often not hurt when it is cut, this is the reason for this.

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Talking about the scientific approach, hair and nails are made up of dead cells, due to the formation of dead cells, they are lifeless, and cutting them, we do not experience pain. Our hair is made up of dead cells while on the nails this thing does not apply completely.

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When this is taken into consideration, even when cutting the nail, pain is never experienced, the nails attached to the skin suffer pain only when they are bitten, they do not experience pain. Nails are made from dead cells and due to injuries caused by skin-related nails being formed by living cells, we experience pain. This is the reason why your hair and nails do not experience pain.