Why Kings used to do more than one marriage! Click here to know the reasons


1. The biggest reason is that Raja Maharaja was always the head of a state or clan, so they were able to bear the expenses of everyone by doing more than one wedding.

2. Raja Maharaja being the biggest post of the state, used to offer marriage to all the girls he liked in the state. Even if the girl did not want to get married, he used to forcibly make anyone his wife.

3. The third biggest reason was that women were not aware of their rights at that time. At that time women were deprived of their rights. Women were not given such rights, they could go against such proposals of marriage.

4. In the past, king Maharajas used to compete with each other. They used to see who marries and how many beautiful queens they have. This was the reason that the king used to do a lot of marriages even for the sake of bullying.