Why is Satan's time at 3 in the morning? Click here to know


3 AM is the time of Brahmamurhat which is considered to be the most appropriate time for recitation, but this time around the world is also considered to be of satanic powers, let us know about some facts related to it.

According to Catholic belief, when the Messiah was crucified, all the demonic powers were greatly weakened in front of the powers of God, but exactly 2 hours after that i.e. at 3 in the morning all the devils became the most powerful.

# Apart from this, there is also the belief that just as the cross is turned upside down it becomes the devil's sign unlike the holy sign, similarly, the holy 3 p.m. is in its inverted state at 3 o'clock in the night.

#Tantrikas do many types of sadhana to attain siddhis. According to tantra learning, sadhana performed at 3 a.m. is the most fruitful. Therefore, for a tantric, this time matters a lot.

# According to scientists in this way your brain is awake. Usually, this is the time when your brain and body are completely relaxed. By remaining physically inactive, your body and brain have eradicated fatigue. So now he is becoming a little active.

# According to scientists, the sudden opening of sweat, or heartbeat, feeling cold, hands and feet, feeling like someone is around before opening the eyes are part of this.