Why go to Shimla-Mussoorie, when there are these 3 best places of adventure in Delhi!


Most people living in Delhi mostly turn to Shimla or Mussoorie in the name of roaming. Today we have so many options of adventure in Delhi-NCR that you do not need to go away from home.

1. Adventure Island: Adventure Island in Delhi can be a good option for visiting. You can enjoy Tamat rides with your friends by coming here. Many other types of swings can be enjoyed here, including boat rides and roller coasters.

2. Kidzania: Kidzania located in Noida adjacent to Delhi is also very good for a walk. If you take your family and children here, it will be better. There are no rides here, but there are many things for children's adventure.

3. World of Wonder: Another wonderful place to visit with family in Noida is the World of Wonder. Amusement and water park facilities are also available in it. Also you can enjoy a lot of rides.