Why does sleep open just before dying in a dream? Click here to know the secret


We have many kinds of dreams. Some dreams are good and some are very scary. According to Swapnashastra, every dream has its importance and today we are going to tell you about one such dream.

Sometimes we also have dreams in which we are dying and when we are about to die, just before that we wake up. After getting up, you are most happy that thankfully it was a dream, today it has been saved.

But do you guys know why this happens, so let's know today this secret-

To date, no one knows what happens after death. Even scientists cannot tell about this. What happens to a person after death is a mystery. However, what happens after death is told in the Gita and Garuda Purana.

But in reality, no one has realized whether this is what happens. That is why even our brain does not know what happens after death. That's why your brain doesn't show you what happens after you die in a dream. Due to this our eyes also open.