Why are the Indian army para commandos called red demons!


The true identity of the para commandos of the Indian Army is their maroon Barrett. Para commandos of the Indian Army complete their training by fighting to the death.

- Among the various regiments of the Indian Army, about one in ten thousand soldiers are selected based on voluntary application for Para Commando Force.

For this, they have to undergo 90 days of rigorous training. For this, the average age of the candidate is required to be 22 years.

- Para commandos are trained to run for about 40 km with 30 kg weight on their back. In the second phase of training, they are given special training of 36 hours.

- A dangerous part of 36-hour training is also to submerge para commandos in mud. This is a very tedious process.

- Para commandos have to complete 100 km run between 16 and 17 hours under a special training.

- During para commando training, only 25 percent of the soldiers are entitled to the maroon cap.