Whose picture was on the Indian note before Gandhiji? Click here to Know 


The credit for providing independence to the country goes to Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi's photo is still printed on Indian notes in his honor. The photograph of Mahatma Gandhi was first printed on the notes in 1969. This was his centenary year of birth. Then Gandhiji's picture was printed on 5 and 10 rupee notes.

However, Bapu's photograph on the notes started many years before this. It is not that Bapu was always photographed on Indian notes. From British rule, till now the form of Indian currency has changed a lot. During this time, everything has changed from the size of the note to the color and form, and with this, the photos on these notes have changed.

Before Mahatma Gandhi, the picture of the Ashoka Pillar was printed on the Indian note. In 1996, the RBI decided to change the design of notes. Then the photo of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was replaced by the Ashoka Pillar and the Ashoka Pillar was placed on the left side of the bottom of the note.

This Ashoka Pillar is now visible at the lower right side. Before the photographs of Ashok Pillar and Mahatma Gandhi, a picture of King George was also printed on the Indian rupee. This note was in circulation till 1949.