While going to the theater in the Corona era, keep these things in mind


Theaters have been opened amidst the coronavirus epidemic. Earlier in March, theaters, including public places, were completely closed. The cinema was closed at that time. Theaters have now been allowed to open from 15 October. This means that people can go to the cinema. New guidelines have been issued for this. If you too are thinking of watching the cinema in the hall, then you need to take special care of your health. Currently, the coronavirus is in the second phase. In such a situation, any negligence can prove fatal. Let us know what is important to keep in mind while going to the theater -

Carry the sanitizer with you. If you touch anything unknown, sanitize your hands and fingers.

- Try to avoid crowds when entering halls, malls, and theaters. Please wait for it to enter.

- Do not touch the face, nose, and eyes at all while out of the house. If itching occurs, then before doing so, sanitize the hands and fingers.

- Always wear a mask and carry the 3D glass with you.

-Avoid going out of the hall for food and drink during admission. One thing to keep in mind is that only buy canned items.

-Do not go to the theater with friends ie a large number of friends.

- Sit on your seat. Do not sit on an unknown seat.

- Buy tickets online. Try to avoid shopping at the ticket counter.

-Use the healing bridge on your phone. This can let you know about the infected person.

-If you are unwell, do not go to the theater at all. Also, avoid visiting crowded areas.