Which of these wedding themes do you like?


Nowadays the trend of wedding theme is in full swing. Today in this article we are going to tell you about some unique wedding themes.

As soon as the Diwali festival ends, weddings in India begin. On this occasion, the wedding theme is very much in practice at weddings. Every woman desires that her marriage be something different and something special, in such a situation the attention goes to the wedding theme first. In some places there is a trend to show the beauty of weddings, then at some weddings, you will see a simple theme. If you too are looking for a good wedding theme for your wedding, then today we are going to tell you about some unique wedding theme, which by adopting you can also make the wedding different and fabulous. Let's know about these wedding themes -

Vintage Wedding Theme

'Vintage Wedding Themes' as the name itself suggests, in which everything is vintage. Nowadays people are liking the vintage wedding theme. Vintage chairs, tables, wedding pavilions, decorations etc. is a unique and different wedding theme. For this, the palace of Kings, Five Star Hotel or Resort is decorated in a wintry style. A vintage car to the farewell at the end of the wedding makes this theme even more unique.

Garden Wedding Theme

Garden wedding theme is also very popular these days. The chair arrangement is one of the most unique elements of this theme along the lines of light, table and lantern in the middle of trees and garden. If you are fond of garden greenery or trees, then you can choose this theme for your wedding. Surely guests will love this creative wedding theme.

Royal Wedding Theme

The name Royal Wedding is also evident, it has the royal look of all the wedding venues. This theme has the feel of a royal wedding. For this, the palace, five-star hotel or any resort are decorated in royal style. The menu at this wedding is also royal. Yes, it is sure that the Royal Wedding costs more money than other wedding themes, but the Royal Wedding Theme is the most unique thing.

Green Wedding Theme

Nowadays the atmosphere of Corona is going on, in such a situation, the concept of Green Wedding is being liked very much because this wedding theme uses e-mail, Whats app or phone to call the guests. Not only this, neither neither plastic utensils nor polythene is used in this theme. In this wedding, usually, the bride and groom's dress is also green. If you are a nature lover, then this wedding theme is perfect for you.