Which animal has pink-colored milk? You may not even know the answer


Question: Which animal whose milk is pink in color?

Answer: Hippopotamus is such an animal whose milk is pink instead of white.

Question: What is something that we get free once but not the second time?

Answer: Teeth

Question: What is that thing which is bought to eat but not eaten?

Answer: Plate

Question: Why do doctors and nurses wear white coats?

Answer: Doctors and nurses wear white coats so that they can be easily identified between patients and other people. White color is considered a symbol of peace, purity, and honesty.

Question: A child was born in Lahore, Pakistan, yet he is not Pakistani, why?

Answer: That child must have been born before 1947, then Lahore was not in Pakistan. Otherwise, the parents of that child will not be Pakistani.

Question: If a red stone is thrown in the blue sea, what will happen?

Answer: The stone will get wet and will sink.