Whether the sugar level is high or low, both the situation is dangerous, be alert about these things


Diabetes is a polygenetic disease. Talking about type 1 diabetes, if it is with the parents, then we can expect a lot that it will happen to the children too. Now if there are two children in the children and one of them has got this problem, then there is every hope that the sibling may also have this problem soon. One thing to note here is that there was a different time when it was believed that there would be diabetes on aging. Now it can be detected even at the age of 15 years.

Complications that occur when sugar levels are high

Diabetes can damage our kidneys. Our nerves can get damaged and the subtle nerves of our eyes can also be affected. Apart from this, the nerves of the heart can also be damaged due to the weight of diabetes, but if we look at the present data related to the medical, then it is known that the cases of kidney failure are coming more due to diabetes in the present scenario. In such a situation, there is a need to pay attention to the issues related to kidneys.

Dangerous for heart patients

High sugar levels can be very dangerous for cardiac patients. Due to this the chances of heart failure also increase simultaneously. Rising sugar levels disturb the pumping of our heart, which can usually increase the risk of clotting by more than a level.

Deal stress like this

Stress is common in the era of Kovid, but we should try to keep that stress away from ourselves as much as possible, especially cardiac patients. Do breathing exercises in normal life. The most important thing is to take care of a balanced diet very seriously. Even after all this, if you are hearing any kind of problem, then consult a doctor without delay.