When you will do makeup according to the face cut, then you will look beautiful with natural


If you take care of the smallest things while doing makeup, then after completing the makeup, your face will not look as if you have put too much foundation vessel, yo blush is over. But what are these nuances? Although there are many answers to this question, the most important of them is your face cut. By doing makeup according to the face cut, you will look beautiful along with natural.

1. Long Face

  • In this face cut, the forehead is wide and the jawline is large. So in such a situation, contouring should be done from the base of the cheeks above the forehead and both the ends of the jaw.
  • Shades like wine, copper, and deep plum will suit more.
  • Choose a foundation of peach, beige or pink shades.
  • Heavy eye makeup will enhance the look.

2. Round Face

  • The face is round and the chin is slightly raised. So if the contouring of this area is not done properly during makeup, then the face does not look good at all.
  • Use a foundation one tone lighter than the skin on the forehead, cheekbones, and chin area and one tone darker than the skin on the jawline. This makes the face look thinner.
  • Apply dark eyeshadow. Be sure to use mascara. It can also be done with just eyeliner.
  • Avoid light lip shades. Choose red or red-based colors.

3. Oval Face

  • It is a common face, so any kind of makeup can be done on it.
  • Choose foundation only matching the skin color.
  • You can use dark eyeshadow for a smokey effect. Apply two coats of mascara.
  • Different types of lip shades can be tried on this face cut.
  • If the lip shade is dark, then keep the eye makeup light. The nude shade will also look good.