When the oxygen level gets low, 5 such symptoms will be seen in the body, do these remedies immediately!


There are some symptoms in which, as soon as you see the body, you understand that you are short of oxygen, and you have some time for yourself.

1. First of all, patients undergoing treatment in-home quarantine should check their oxygen saturation periodically.

2. Oxygen level decreases rapidly due to coronation, in such a case that the patient's SpO2 level is between 94 to 100, then it is a symptom of being healthy, but if it falls below 94, it can increase the risk.

3. If the oxygen level of the patient is between 91 and 94, then do a pruning exercise at home or lie in the pronging position and speak fast breathing.

4. If there is a lack of oxygen in the body, the color of the face starts to turn blue and the lips also turn blue.

5. Due to low oxygen levels, corona patients experience shortness of breath, chest pain, chest pressure, persistent cough, restlessness, and severe headache.