When the models came out on the streets in China as beggars with torn clothes and bowls in their hands, this was helplessness


On the one hand, models are believed to be a way of bringing new fashion to the public, while there was an incident in China, where models were boycotted as a means of spreading 'vulgarity'.

The boom of the fashion industry in China is greatly highlighted. However, as far as models are concerned, there are still two different types of thinking in this country. An example of this was seen when models were not allowed to come to an auto show saying that they spread 'vulgarity'. This move by the organizers received both support and criticism from the public.

In fact, in 2015, a motor show was held in Shanghai, China, in which the world's biggest car brands took part. It is common for models to be a part of auto shows around the world, so everyone was expected to be involved in this motor show. However, the organizers decided to boycott this trend to differentiate themselves and approach differently.

Organizers blamed the models for spreading 'vulgarity'. He said in his statement that he wants to keep people's attention only on the car, removing such things from his show. Due to this, car experts will be part of the show instead of models.

Many models protested on the streets disguised as beggars, wearing tattered clothes and mud on their faces, in protest against the boycott and organizers' remarks. He also had a stick in his hands and a bowl to beg. Everyone held cardboard in their hands, on which things like 'I have to beg now to fill my stomach', 'I want work to live'.

Pictures of this performance went viral through social media. There were two types of opinions among the people regarding this demonstration in China itself. While one side was justifying the decision of the organizers, the other side was seen to call it a step of strangling the art. This issue was so highlighted that it got coverage in media across the world.