When the girl wearing a sari put a lot of spin in the air, the video went viral


These days a stunt video is going viral very fast on social media. In this amazing video, a girl wearing a sari has done such a stunt, which is being well-liked. In this video, a girl is seen eating sluts in saree air. This girl named Parul Arora, wearing a sari, performs such a stunt, that anyone is surprised to see.

In this video that is going viral, you can see that Parul has laid a mattress in the open ground. Parul comes walking with a man and then the two hit the backflip together. Sharing the video, Parul wrote, "One more in saree".

Parul shared this video from his Instagram account on January 4, which has received more than 47 thousand likes so far. By the time the news was written, the video had received over 4 lakh views. Seeing the video, no one is convinced that a girl wearing a sari can do such a dangerous stunt.

Social media users are also making interesting comments on this video of Parul. A user surprised wrote a comment that it is very difficult to do such a stunt in a sari. But you did it very easily. The other user wrote that 'Secret agent in saree. Just like movies. ' At the same time, another user wrote that 'how can someone do such a stunt in sarees and suits'.

Parul Arora is a gymnast who has also won a gold medal at the national level. However, Parul has done this stunt many times before. In another video, she is seen doing a similar stunt with a man. Parul has placed a mattress on the roof. Parul comes walking with a man and then the two hit the backflip together.