When Shahrukh Khan's sweetheart is seen hugging the mystery girl, what to do when the inking about the relationship of the son


Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, made the most headlines when he was seen hugging a mystery girl, but do you know when you know that your child is in a relationship with someone? what should be done?

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's sweetheart Aryan Khan is rarely seen in public, but do you know that Aryan became the most discussed when his pictures with a mystery girl went viral. Aryan had made a lot of headlines for reports dating a London-based blogger. Although we do not know how true these rumors are, the pictures of Aryan Khan doing a cozy dance with a mystery girl on the internet surprised everyone.

In the viral photos, Aryan Khan was sometimes blushing and sometimes smiling. However, after seeing these pictures, King Khan was also asked many types of questions, the answer to which SRK said that "I have never asked any questions about their personal relationships with children, especially dating." And I will not do this unless he wants to talk to me on his own. ”However, such news about Bollywood StarKids keeps on coming. But have you ever wondered what you should do when you get a clue about your child's relationship

These few questions remain a concern for every parent in today's time, who is the one who has attracted the attention of our son? Will it be good for him? Will she snatch it from us? However, it is natural for every parent to feel this way, but if you want, you can talk to your son openly on this issue.

* We believe that no matter how much modern ideas parents have, but they also do not like to attract their dear ones to anyone. If you are also one of those who do not like their son's girlfriend then first of all worry about why you feel like this. Do you really have a reason why you think this girl is not right for your son?

* Tie the knot that in today's time children cannot be kept away from anything by forcing them. If you really want to tell them about good and bad then, first of all, be their good friend. Know the desire of the son's mind, if you still feel that the girl is not right, then give them some reason to stay away.

* If you feel that the son has fallen in love like a mess at a tender age, then spend more and more time with him. Sometimes the reason for the infatuation of the children is due to mutual disputes or differences between the parents.

* Even if you are not ready to leave that girl even after a million attempts, let her enjoy this chapter of love. If she becomes his wife, think about how you will be able to keep pace with her.

* Support your son's decision. Yes, we are saying this because your consent is very important in his happiness. He will appreciate your support, but that rejection will drive him away from you