When Priyanka Chopra got to hear the taunts of people due to high heels


Priyanka Chopra is one of those star celebrities who always takes care of her looks. From the red carpet event to the streets of New York, she also gets a tremendous stylish look. Priyanka has entered the Bollywood corridors and entered Hollywood. In such a situation, she always likes to follow the glamorous and stylish look. Which also includes his High Heels Collection. Since Priyanka has become a global star, very few have been seen in flat sandals or sneakers. But his high heel fashion once became the reason for his trolling too.

Even Priyanka likes to be seen on the streets with her stylish look. But in the year 2019, when she returned from shooting for Sky Is Pink, her street style became quite viral there. Her style was much talked about while walking the streets of New York with husband Nick Jonas. But his high heels worn during this time were trolled badly by trollers.

Actually, Priyanka was wearing a floral short dress. With which she was seen wearing high heels sandals. In which his look looked very stylish. But as soon as people's eyes got on Priyanka's feet, people started trolling her. Actually, Priyanka had a leg injury during the shooting of the film. After which she was seen to have a knee cap on her left knee.

On social media, users started criticizing Priyanka for wearing heels with a knee cap. One user wrote - Go for life but do not go to heels. Another user wrote - what is the combination of nee cap and heels. One said - what was the need to wear heels with a necklace.