When more than 900 people got trapped in superstition and commit suicide, was a heartbreaking story


It is generally believed that a cat's way of cutting leads to a bad omen. Even people who sneeze are classified as superstitions. By the way, all these superstitions are very minor. Today we will tell you about a heart-wrenching superstition that caused more than 900 people to commit suicide together in Jonestown, Guyana, near America?

Explain that this incident is considered to be one of the biggest suicide incidents ever. Whoever hears about this incident that took place on 18 November 1978, comes as a surprise. Actually, a religious teacher named Jim Jones was behind the incident. He called himself an avatar of God. Jim Jones built a church named 'People's Temple' (people's temple) in 1956 in the name of helping the needy people to increase their penetration among the people, and on the basis of his religious talk and superstition, he made thousands of followers. Made it.

Jim Jones was of communist ideology and his views were different from those of the American government. So he went away from the city with his followers in the jungles of Guyana and there he also established a small village. But after a few days, his reality started coming into the public. He used to get his followers (whether women or men) to work all day and at night when he would go to sleep tiredly, he would not even let them sleep and started his speech. During this time, his soldiers used to go from house to house to see if anyone was sleeping.

Not only this, if someone was found sleeping, he was punished severely. Jim Jones did not even let his followers out of the village. When men and women worked, their children were kept in a community hall. His soldiers kept guarding around the village day and night so that no one escaped from there.

Jim Jones' web of superstition had spread so much that if he had said anything to his followers, people would have accepted him. Meanwhile, the US government came to know about the activities happening there. The government thought of taking action on Jim Jones. But Jim Jones also came to know of this and asked all his followers to gather at one place.

Jim Jones told the assembled people that "the American government is coming to kill us all." Before they sieve us with bullets, we should all drink holy water. By doing this, we will be saved from the pain of bullets. ' If we do not drink this holy water, they will blow us up with bombs and treat them like animals with those who survive. Will rape women, give children various kinds of problems. So we have to drink holy water to protect ourselves from them.

Jones had already made a soft drink by mixing dangerous poisons in a large tub and gave it to people to drink. During this period, anyone who refused to drink poisonous drinks was forcibly fed. In this way, more than 900 people lost their lives due to a superstitious affair. These included more than 300 children. The incident is considered one of the biggest massacres ever. It is said that after the death of people, the body of Jim Jones was also found in one place. He shot himself or maybe someone shot him at his behest.