When Metro broke out of station, whale tail stopped big accident


A major accident in the Netherlands was averted when a metro train uncontrollably broke the barrier and exited the station and hanged on a giant whale fish statue. According to media reports, the undercarriage of the train was badly damaged and the rear windows of the train were also damaged in this accident. However, the relief is that no passenger was hurt. It can be called a kind of miracle.

Actually, the accident occurred at a metro station in the city of Spigenkisse, Netherlands. The train suddenly lost its control and by going to the end of the track, looking at the pictures hanging in the air ahead, one can imagine how terrible the accident could have been. The tail of the whale fish played a major role in this dangerous accident. The tail of the whale fish stopped the train from moving forward.

The local security authority constituted a team of experts as soon as the accident was reported. Authorities are questioning the driver of this metro train to find out about the incident. At the same time, the passengers have been safely taken out of the metro by the relief rescue team and the train is also trying to remove it from the spot.

Carly Greater of the Regenmond Regional Safety Authority told AFP that the metro train overtook the track and that the monument went up in the air on the whale's tail. After this accident, the train driver was intensely questioned. According to the safety authority, the cause of the accident is still being investigated.