What is the thinking of Indian about having sex in the open, the truth will surprise you


In India, where people hesitate to talk openly on physical relationships, their thinking about having sex in the open has changed so much that you will be surprised to hear their answers. Surprising truth has come out in India Today Sex Survey 2019, people were asked in the survey whether they are ready to have sex in the open despite the fear of being caught?

The kind of answer that has come upon this was very interesting and surprising. In this case, most people in Rajasthan, Jaipur in Rajasthan, answered 'yes'. That is, there was no fear of anyone being seen or caught by the people of this city. 67.5% of the people in Jaipur appeared to be fearless in this case.

Even in Pune, 67.5% of people said without fear that they did not fear to see or be caught. Third, in this list were the people of Chandigarh. 62% of the people in Chandigarh were willing to have sex in the open despite the fear of being caught.