What is the old name of India? Click here to know the answer


Question 1: What is the old name of India?

Answer: Aryavart

Question 2: Where is Fatehpur Sikri located?

Answer: Agra

Question 3: When did the first train run in India?

Answer: 16 April 1853

Question 4: Why is the ambulance's name written upside down?

Answer: Ambulance is used to bring patients. Therefore, the letters of the ambulance are written in reverse so that the trains running ahead of them are directly visible on the ambulance in the mirror behind them.

Question 5: How far can a human's eyes see?

Answer: According to a study, we can see with our eyes up to 20 kilometers up to 12 miles.

Question 6: Where is the gold mine in India?

Answer: Kolar in Karnataka