What is the difference between medical oxygen and air? Click here to know


The condition of a patient infected with the coronavirus becomes very serious. In such a situation, they have to be admitted to the hospital where oxygen has to be given due to their serious condition. But for a few days, there is a shortage of medical oxygen in every hospital. Although everyone will hear about oxygen, very few people will know that both medical oxygen and air oxygen are different.

So let us tell you today, what is this medical oxygen, how is it made and how is it used to save the patient's life at the last moment.

Medical Oxygen contains up to 98 percent pure oxygen. It does not contain impurities such as moisture, dust, or other gas. In 2015, Oxigen was added to the country's list of essential medicines. WHO has also added oxygen to essential medicine. The air present in the atmosphere contains only 21 percent oxygen, so it cannot be used in a medical emergency. That is why medical oxygen is prepared in liquid form in a large scientific plant in a special scientific manner.