What is Jalebi in Sanskrit? 90% of people would not know


Question 1: What is Jalebi in Sanskrit?

Answer: Jalebi is called Sudha-Kundalika in Sanskrit. At the same time, some people believe that Jalebi was also called Jal-Vallika, which later became the name Jalebi.

Question 2: What is a pencil called in Hindi?

Answer: Lekhni

Question 3: Who founded the Mughal dynasty in India?

Answer: Babur

Question 4. On December 20, which day is celebrated?

Answer: International Human Solidarity Day

Question 5: Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?

Answer: - Lord Buddha attained enlightenment from Bodh Gaya.

Question 6: What is a computer called in Hindi?

Answer: Sanganak