What army soldiers eat during the war! Click here to know


The Indian Army is one of the most powerful armies in the world. The soldiers of the country's army are always alert on the border so that the enemy could not attack.

They have to live in a variety of environments during the war. The food of the soldiers is prepared by the Defense Food Research Laboratory in Mysore.

In Meal, army soldiers eat food that gives them strength and it includes chapatti, semolina pudding, veg casserole, potato pea vegetable, etc.

This calorie pack has a diet of 1520 calories. In which they take veg casserole with 100 grams of semolina halwa. Many times soldiers have to stay in the field for not one day but several days. Then they take sugar chikki and jaggery with 2 soft bars of 100 grams.

In the breakfast, the jawans are given 2 parathas with tea. Boiled eggs and vegetables are also served in breakfast. Bread, vegetables, pulses, rice, and non-veg are also given in the meal.