Weight Loss Tips: Learn, what is the military diet and how it is effective in rapid weight loss?


Weight Loss Tips: Nowadays every third person is upset due to obesity. Wrong food, bad routines and stress are the key factors for this. Also, heredity increases weight. According to experts, when a person starts consuming more calories than enough and does not burn calories in proportion, then weight gain starts. Especially eating junk food increases weight quickly. For this, workouts along with special attention to catering are also required.

While there are many such medical measures, by adopting which people can control their weight. Among them is a military diet, which American soldiers follow to balance the body and reduce weight. It is said that this diet plan can control weight gain in just one week. If you do not know about military diet, then let us know what the military diet is and how it is effective in rapid weight loss-

What is the military diet?

According to some theories, American male soldiers curb their diet, known as the military diet, to control their weight before a medical test. While another theory states that this diet was designed by US Army doctors to keep their army men in shape. This diet plan helps a lot in reducing weight gain. However, so far no institute has certified military diet.

Military Diet is divided into two stages.

The first phase involves consuming low-calorie food for three days. While in the second phase, normal food has to be taken for the next four days. This diet plan is done until the person has attained his ideal weight. This diet plan is also known as 'Ice Cream Diet' and 'Flame Calorie Diet'. Military diet can reduce weight in just one week.

How to help you lose weight

According to this diet, it is recommended to consume 1100 to 1200 calories for the first three days. This is half the calories of an average person's daily diet whereas for the next four days, 1800 calories are allowed. The military diet allows you to eat everything in a balanced proportion.

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