Weight Gain Tips: If you want to increase weight fast, then include these 5 things in your diet


In today's time, many people want to gain weight but their weight is not able to increase. But to gain weight, you should include many things in your diet. In such a situation, you need to include such things in your diet which will work to remove leanness while increasing weight.


Consuming rice is very beneficial for weight gain. One cup of cooked rice has 200 grams of calories, 44 grams of carbs, and very little fat.

Chicken and Meat

It will also be beneficial to consume protein-rich chicken and meat to gain weight. With this, you can gain weight very quickly. This also keeps the heart-healthy.

dry fruits

If you want to gain weight then you should consume dry fruits. Dried fruits contain vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc., which promote muscle growth. This gives the body the power to fight diseases along with getting the right weight. You can eat them as a snack.

starchy vegetables

To keep the body fit and fine and to get the right weight, it is beneficial to consume things rich in starch. Skinny people should eat more things like potatoes, corn, beans, sweet potatoes, etc.


Milk can also be consumed to gain weight. Calcium, protein, carbs, and fat in milk strengthen muscles and bones. This also helps in increasing weight.