Weekend Trip: These beautiful places of Karnal are very special to visit on weekends


If you too are looking for the best place to spend weekends around Delhi then reach these beautiful places of Karnal.

Whenever there is talk about the places around Delhi for weekends, it usually refers to places like Jaipur, Udaipur, or Neemrana. But, apart from all these, there are some such good places around Delhi, which can be visited for weekends and fun. Yes, we are talking about Karnal, a beautiful city in Haryana. The 'Rice Bowl of India' means the city of Karnal, famous for its rice fields. It is said about the famous Karnal city that the city was founded in ancient times by 'Karna', one of the most prominent characters of the epic Mahabharata. Yes, there are many beautiful places, which are the perfect place to hang out and have fun on weekends.

Karna Lake

One of the most famous tourist places for Karnal as well as Haryana is 'Karna Lake'. Here you will usually see thousands of tourists considering a picnic because it is also a very popular picnic spot in Karnal. The natural beauty surrounding this lake appeals to the tourists even more. You can also enjoy boating in this lake. If you have gone out to hang out with the family, then after boating in this lake, you can enjoy the swing and other activities too.

Cantonment church tower

After Karna lake there is a place to visit most famous in Karnal, then the name of that place is the cantonment church tower. Built during the British colonial rule, this church is built in the Roman style. It is said about this church that it was built by the British to face the challenge of the increasing military power of the Sikhs in the Karnal Cantonment Church Tower area. The cantonment church tower at a height of about thirty-five meters is an excellent place to hang out with friends and family.

Durga Bhavani Temple

This temple is the holiest site for Karnal as well as the entire Haryana. Maa Durga Bhavani temple, more than four hundred years old, remains a symbol of faith for millions of devotees even today. It is said that this temple occupies many forms of Nav Durga and Lord Vishnu avatar. If you want to include some religious place of Karnal in the trip, then there is no better place than this temple. The temple has an idol of about 60 Gods and Goddesses, including the idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, and Sun God.

Atal Park

Haryana has the largest park in Sector 8 of Karnal. The park is spread over an area of ​​more than fifty acres. The park also has an open-air gym, pond, fountains and a beautiful lake, where you can have lots of fun. This place in Karnal is also very popular for romantic couples. It is also famous as a picnic spot. Here you can go for a walk with friends or family anytime between seven in the morning and five in the evening.

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