Wearing big earrings like heroines cause ear pain, then try these tricks


On the occasion, every girl likes to dress up. In which earrings hold a special place. Big earrings add to the beauty of the face. But wearing these heavy earrings causes pain in the ears. If you want to stay ahead in style and do not want to suffer earache, then these tricks will definitely work for you.

For your information, let us know that support patches are available in the market to support heavy earrings. They are of transparent and soft material. Those can be applied backward on the earlobe. This support can prevent earholes from hanging and enlarging. Also, it helps in reducing pain.


If you are fond of wearing heavy earrings, you can choose chain earrings. Here, if you want, you can set any small bracelet chain in the hair by trailing it to the lobe with a heavy dangler. By the way, a separate matching chain will be found in the market. These small methods can relieve you from pain without reason.


If there is pain due to wearing heavy earrings, then there is moisturizing cream in the market. That you can apply around the ear piercing. This will help reduce the pain as well as dry the wound.

If you want to look beautiful by wearing big earrings like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, then choose the option of light earrings on the occasion of marriage. Many such earrings and earrings are available in the market which is quite lightweight. The ones you can wear can get a trendy look without discomfort or pain.