Wayanad is best for weekends, know the best tourist places in Wayanad Kerala


If you are planning to travel somewhere in South India with your friends during the weekend then reach Wayanad to make the trip memorable.

The state of Kerala is one of the main tourist destinations in India. There are many travel destinations where millions of tourists come to visit every year. One of these travel destinations in the city of Wayanad. The city of Wayanad is famous throughout India for waterfalls, historical caves, natural beauty and scenic temples. In particular, it is considered a major site for its spice gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. The city of Wayanad is also considered a famous place for trekking throughout South India. If you too are planning to roam somewhere in South India with friends in the coming weekend, then you should visit these places of Wayanad.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Cave is a landmark in Wayanad. Here you will see thousands of tourists roaming around all the time. It is said about this cave that it is older than the Neo Pashan era. The rock carvings of Edakkal cave are still a centre of attraction for tourists. Along with walking, if you want to get to know the ancient history of Wayanad city, then definitely visit Edakkal Cave.

Souchipara Falls

Wayanad has come out to roam and you did not turn to Soochipara Waterfall, then what did you do? In Wayanad, it is also known as the Sentinel Rock Falls. Suchipara waterfall falls through a cliff about 200 meters high. Many tourists also take swimming and bathing here. If you too were looking for some similar places in your travel, then this place is best for you. Similarly, there is also a Pukot lake and Kanthanpara waterfall in Wayanad where you can go for a walk.

Muthanga Wildlife Century

After visiting the dams, caves and waterfalls, we now go on a journey to the Muthanga Wildlife Century. It is said that there are many such animals in this Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, which you hardly see in today's time. To roam in this wildlife century, you have to hire a car, which itself provides the officers of Muthanga Wildlife Century. Many such animals of rare species can be found here. Apart from this, you can also visit the E-3 theme park.

Banasur dam

The scenic view of Kerala situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea is worth seeing. There are many waterfalls and dams here which are quite popular among tourists. One of them is Banasur Dam of Wayanad. The Banasur dam is said to be the second-largest dam in Asia. You can also enjoy boating in Banasur Dam. So if you are going to visit Wayanad, then definitely reach Banasur Dam.

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