Wanna Shopping of Banarasi saree for the upcoming bride, So keep these things in mind


In the wedding shopping of a bride, there is an important role in clothes and jewelry to footwear. Because with the wedding day, he has to prepare beautiful clothes collections to wear in the new house. Because everyone wants to see the new daughter-in-law. In such a situation, if you are shopping from saris to kurtas, then definitely include Banarasi silk in a sari wardrobe. The Banarasi silk saree looks like a new bride. From puja to the small celebration, the bride wearing this saree can add beauty to its beauty. However, there are some things to be kept in mind while buying this silk variety sari.

The craze of Banarasi sari is not only seen in ordinary girls but also in the actress of Beetown. That's why Anushka Sharma chose a red-colored Banarasi saree at her reception. If you are going shopping for Banarasi saree. So do a little research about it. So that you get various information and can avoid any kind of deception at the time of shopping.

Banarasi sarees also have many varieties. These include Shatter Banarsi to Kora Banarasi, Georgette Banarasi, Jangla Banarasi, Tanchoi Banarasi, Cutwork Banarasi, and Bootied Banarasi Sarees. If you know about all these varieties, then only you will be able to buy a great sari for yourself.

Perfect color

Its color is very important in any outfit. The same is true with Banarasi sarees. If you are buying a saree for a special occasion, then a red or pink colored saree would be best. But if you are opting for Banarasi saree only for a new bride then any color saree can look beautiful.

Keep body type in mind

Since Banarasi saree comes in very heavy fabric, keep in mind your body type while purchasing it. Because the sari looks beautiful with body features. For example, if your height is high, then you can buy large motifs and heavy border sarees. At the same time, if your height is low, then choose only light colors, vertical prints, and thin border sarees.

The price of a Banarasi saree depends on the design, embroidery, and brand along with the texture of the yarn. So that's why to make your budget before shopping for Banarasi saree. So that there is no over budget at the time of purchase and you can choose the saree of your choice with your budget.